The meanderings you find here are an attempt to process the difficult yet beautiful circumstances of my life.

I am a Christian. My life is spent in the shameless pursuit of God. This pursuit is hard and full of struggle, but nevertheless my life is oriented towards God.

I am a husband and father. My wife Melissa and I have 4 amazing children: 3 girls (Hannah, Izzie, and Ivory) and 1 unique boy (Hudson). Hudson has been diagnosed with a number of things, including hypotonia, intellectual disability, apraxia of speech, autism, ADHD, Short QT Syndrome, and epilepsy, among others. Raising kids has been one of the most challenging and amazing things I’ve ever done.

I am a recovering addict and an alcoholic. I have been an addict off and on since I was 8. I have spent much of my life addicted to one thing or another, though alcohol has proven to be the most enduring.

Each of these truths is part of who I am. Each is part of my journey. The meanderings in these posts reflect this journey–a journey that in many ways has left me battered and tattered. May they encourage you in your own meanderings.