Affording Private School: Applying for Scholarships – Part 2

Finding Student Tuition Organizations

Once you have prepared some of your application materials, it is time to track down some Student Tuition Organizations (STOs) that will fit with your family and school. There are many STOs, but I suggest starting small. I have used this spreadsheet (with a suggested list of STOs that we have worked with the past), but of course you can apply to as many as you wish. There is nothing magic about this spreadsheet, but I have found it helpful to keep all of my application information organized.

Each STO will have their own application process, so you’ll want to look at each one carefully. They each have their own deadlines, scholarship opportunities, and payout schedules. It can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Again, I would encourage you not to give up. As I mentioned in my last post, in one year we raised about 35,000 dollars and the year before that almost 15,000. That is a lot of money! It’s worth it if you can push through the initial work of preparing your application materials and tracking down STOs that your child will be eligible for.

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