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Affording Private School: Applying for Scholarships – Part 2

Finding Student Tuition Organizations

Once you have prepared some of your application materials, it is time to track down some Student Tuition Organizations (STOs) that will fit with your family and school. Continue reading


Affording Private School: Applying for Scholarships – Part 1


Many have asked us or have wondered, how (when it is so obvious that we are poor) can we afford to send our kids to private school? And the truth is, we can’t. The only money that we have spent on our children’s schooling has been on Pre-School.

So how can our kids attend private schools? The answer is that each year we apply for scholarships through local School Tuition Organizations (STOs), and, thus far, each year we have received enough in scholarships (and some donations from friends and family) to cover the full cost. Continue reading

Those Who Can, Were Taught

Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach

– George Bernard Shaw

This might be one of the most insanely ignorant quotes of our time. Like humans are just born able to “do” things? Who was born able to “do” engineering or astrophysics? Or ballet? Or software design? Seriously. As a father of four little humans, I assure you that babies aren’t born able to do jack squat. They sleep, eat, and poop. That’s it. They need to be taught literally everything else. Stop the ignorance, all. We all had and still have teachers. Those who “can”, were TAUGHT. Taught to talk. To read. To write. To sing. To get along with others. To use their hands and feet. To bathe and brush. To use a phone and a computer. To spell and add. And yes, to compute complex algorithms, write sophisticated narratives, build masterful structures, and raise little humans up to their potential. “Those who can’t, teach” is dishonoring to all those whose blood, sweat, and tears went into making us who we are. And not just us but millions of other people, too. End the ignorance, friends. Stop perpetuating such nonsense.