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My Name is Daniel, and I am an Alcoholic – Part 2

My Old Enemy Returns

Back in February 2012, I had one of those “life defining” moments. After sitting with a faithful friend and having an honest talk about my drinking, I came to the realization that I had a problem. A big problem. A problem that had lasted for almost 20 years, and yet that I had somehow been almost completely self-deceived about. Continue reading

My Name is Daniel, and I am an Alcoholic – Part 1

Taken from February of 2012

I am an alcoholic.  I’m not sure if I really believe that yet, but God, in His grace is showing me that my sin (in regards to drinking) is not just something that I just do “too much” or that I need to “cut back on” but is a deep rooted sin of idolatry that has spanned the course of just short of two decades.  Continue reading